About Us
Profit Sharing    Cost Sharing
The mission and vision of American Seed Co-op is to be a cooperative farming community, focusing on agricultural production and services. Dedicated to professionlism, honesty, discipline, hospitality and the shared values of commitment to the community and to the individual, American Seed Co-op strives to be an innovator and leader in sustainable agriculture. The scope of American Seed Co-op is national wide.  Members of the co-op currently represent various states including California, Oregon, Arizona and Texas.  

American Seed Co-op contributes to the needs of farmers, offering a wide range of high quality vegetable seeds.  In addition, we also provide financial resources, apply innovations in science and technology to the farm, assist farmers with necessary education and source buyers at domestic and international level. On the other hands, because of the leverage given by our vast members, we are able to pool our resources together and voice louder.  
Our business model is quite unique and yet simple.  Our success is built upon the success of each individual member.  We believe in mutual benefit and resources sharing.  And that's why we are willing to provide our members with agricultural and financial resources that are needed for a successful growing season at the lowest prices; In return, our members will provide a certain percentage of the harvest at the end of the season.  In additon, we help our members to sell their production through our channels both domestic and international.  

Our members benefit from this model by: 1) Minimizing their upfront cost. 2) Achieve lower overall cost by economy of scale. 3) Diversify and minimize risk 4) Maximize return on investment  5) Grow what the market is demanding.  Our member farms are some of the most royal and experienced growers in North America.  Through hard working, proper knowledge, farmer's devotion to success and the 24X7 support of the co-op, our members enjoy higher profit and consistent success.